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MIDI SPLITTY™ is a MIDI Splitter / Repeater designed to amplify, buffer, and repeat MIDI signals for extended cable runs and pedalboards with multiple MIDI devices.


MIDI SPLITTY is compatible with all MIDI controllers.

Splitting and Repeating your PedalBoard MIDI Signal has never been easier or more reliable!

MIDI SPLITTY is powered by standard "BOSS" type 9-volt DC, 2.1mm, 100mA min., tip negative power supply (sold separately).


Dimensions: 4.7" (120mm) Wide x 2.6" (66mm) Deep x 1.4" (36mm) Tall


Bomb-proof design ensures flawless functioning.


Road-ready MIDI Machinery™


Hand built in Oregon, USA by Step Audio.

MIDI Splitty | 1 In 6 Thru Splitter / Repeater

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