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Riff-Step™ by Step Audio takes the DigiTech Whammy, the most popular pitch-shifting pedal of all time, and multiplies its sonic potential. Riff-Step lets you hear notes that aren’t normally available on the Whammy, then sequence those notes into elegant harmonies and improbable riffs.


Riff Step works with all four modern Whammys - 4, 5, DT, and Bass


With this powerful new controller and patented technology, you can do anything from ripping Van Halen licks while holding a single note, to creating embryonic mindholes. But don't mistake Riff-Step for a noise machine, it’s a serious compositional tool, providing complementary counterpoint to melodic lines.


Riff-Step transforms the DigiTech Whammy pedal into a Pitch-Shifting Sequencer.


Power supply not included.


1.5 foot Step Audio MIDI Cable included! 

Riff-Step | DigiTech Whammy Enhancer

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