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STATUS Studio™ by Step Audio is a powerful MIDI Display, MIDI Clock Generator, and MIDI Mapper that adds tremendous functionality to your MIDI rig.


STATUS Studio comes with a VST3 plugin that is compatible with the popular Reaper and Cubase DAWs.  Note that Reason and Studio One do not handle MIDI SysEx messages and are not compatible with the VST3 plugin.  Ableton, Sonar, and FL Studio have not yet been tested.


STATUS can be quickly programmed using our online interfaces or on the device.


STATUS displays custom messages in response to Program Changes.


STATUS generates MIDI Clock for each program and allows 6 different tap input ratios. STATUS can alternately pass or block an external incoming MIDI Clock selectively for each program.


STATUS also generates synchronized MIDI CC commands for syncing Line 6's MIDI-enabled pedals.


STATUS responds to MIDI Program Changes by immediately sending out up to 5 additional Program Changes as well as 16 Control Change or Note On messages all on separate MIDI Channels. STATUS can also actively filter various types of incoming MIDI data, dynamically re-map 2 separate controllers, and rectify running status data.


STATUS features a number of display options including:

.:. Custom messages in response to MIDI Program Changes
.:. Dynamic re-mapping of 2 different controllers
.:. BPM Display with 3 different display styles
.:. Tempo Flashing
.:. Selective Data Display (a very useful MIDI tool), and
.:. RealTime message display.


STATUS Studio Dimensions

5" Wide x 4" Deep x 3.5" Tall


Power supply not included.


MIDI Cable sold separately. 
Step Audio 1.5 foot MIDI cable | 5-pin MIDI to 5-pin MIDI | Standard

STATUS Studio | MIDI Display, Clock, and Mapper

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