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TEMPODE™ by Step Audio is a simple-to-use PedalBoard MIDI Clock Generator footswitch that synchronizes hundreds of cutting-edge effects from Strymon, Eventide, Chase Bliss, Meris, MOOG, BOSS, EHX, and many others!


One of Molten Voltage's best-selling pedals is now reissued in response to customer demand. Improvements upon the original include crystal oscillator timing consistently accurate to a 25,000th of a second, enhanced MIDI filtering, additional external MIDI tempo and button control via Control Changes, and seamless program saving.


TEMPODE can also work by itself, without any other MIDI controller.


Key Features:

• Stand-alone or Inline PedalBoard MIDI Clock Generator
 Precision Tap Tempo control - better then 1 / 25,000th of a second!
• Syncs numerous modern guitar effects
• Stores and recalls tempo for 128 programs
• Extremely easy to use!
• Simple to program - hold down a button!
• Start/Stop and Tempo can be remotely controlled with MIDI Control Change messages
• Optional MIDI Clock Auto-Start on Program Change
• MIDI Input Filter and Repeater
• Commands other compatible Molten Voltage devices to self-program
• Solid, Professional-Grade construction, including Riveted Steel MIDI Jacks
• Bright, 2-color LED makes it easy to see pedal status at a glance
• Simple, intuitive user interface
• Robust, 128 program storage
 Compatible with all major MIDI controllers


Use TEMPODE with modular synths, DJ devices, lighting rigs, and anything else that responds to MIDI Clock!



Power Requirements

TEMPODE is powered by standard "BOSS" type 9-volt DC, 2.1mm, 120mA min., tip negative power supply (sold separately). Current draw ~ 150mA. Always use a discrete or isolated power source.


TEMPODE Dimensions

4.5" (115mm) Wide x 2.6" (66mm) Deep x 1.9" (49mm) Tall


Road-ready MIDI Machinery™, built in Oregon, USA by Step Audio.

TEMPODE | MIDI Clock Generator / Injector Pedal

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