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Start and Stop your MIDI-enabled device with a simple battery-powered footswitch. Great for Elektron MachineDrum, Ableton, and other DJ tools and devices.


     Note: Some devices will respond to MIDI Start and Stop, alone. Other devices expect MIDI Clock to start flowing after a Start message. If you have questions, check with the manufacturer of your device. 

     Note: this device ONLY sends MIDI Start and MIDI Stop on alternate presses.  It does not send MIDI Clock.  If your device requires MIDI Clock, check out our TEMPODE MIDI Clock Generator Pedal.

All One Trick Pony devices run on a single coin cell that lasts for years!  No need for external power!


MIDI Cable sold separately.

Step Audio 1.5 foot MIDI cable | 5-pin MIDI to 5-pin MIDI | Standard

One Trick Pony | MIDI Start Stop

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